Mason soizaseo working on minimalism and maximalism

It’s over a decade now since it was realized that an attractive and an easy way to navigate through a website is the way to go. On this realization, the web design relies most on this aspect of design but again the rise on the use of new applications which enables maximalism has been realized.



Meaning of Maximalism and Minimalism

Minimalism involves the use of basic shapes and a monochrome palette. During minimalisn it is clear that only what is necessary is used. On the other hand,maximalism involves the use of grander which is an involving approach associated with extravagance and diversity aimed at breaking rules and creating a vibrant result.  Mason soiza’s site takes advantage of different new software available so they can remain on top of the competition.

Attributes of maximalist principles.

There are various reasons that distinguish maximalism from the most commonly used design which is minimalism. The designers are embracing the new trend in design and it is evidenced in the way they design their websites. Here are the attributes of maximalism

  1. The use of maximalist principles when creating a websites enables your brand to stand out of the rest. This is as a result of the choice of colours and the layout used.
  2. Brave combinations: Maximalism ensures colours and textures are enhanced and at the same time it creates new combinations of images and a technology that is eye-catching.

The use of maximalism and minimalism switches with time just like it is seen with fashion. The use of the above mentioned styles depends on how elaborate the client anticipates their page to appear. Masonnsoiza has specialized in this just to make sure that the outcome of web design is up to the standard. You will appreciate the use of either styles as they all tend to bring out the messages of your website.